A Word From Our President

January 4, 2020

Happy New Year! What does 2021 look like for you? I am excited and full of hope and possibilities.

On behalf of the Board, we hope you had a relaxing holiday season and are ready for 2021. The Chapter and our family of volunteers are ready to serve the PM community this year.

Is finding a new job the next step in your career journey in 2021? Plan to attend our award-winning Brand and Land session on Jan 7th with John Signo. This free event for Members is a great workshop for using LinkedIn for career growth and locating new jobs. If you want to learn techniques for helping your friends find new work, the Brand and Land session is a good opportunity to help be an advocate for their future.

Before the holidays, John asked me why I never attend any of his sessions. I acknowledged how highly our members and attendees feel about his workshops but simply replied, “I am happily employed with the City of Excellence, Plano. I don’t think I need it.” So, John asked me for 20 minutes to demo his content for networking and I immediately accepted. Having volunteered with John for several years, I knew his course would be great.

In 20 minutes, I recognized how important and vital his content is not just for the job seekers amongst us, but for anyone working to boost their presence online. After following John’s plan for LinkedIn for two weeks, engagement and views on my profile increased 254%. One recruiter called without submitting a single job application!

Are you having a challenge with referrals and recommendations on LinkedIn? You’ve asked a colleague to write a recommendation and are having a hard time landing a response. Be aware that many of us are uncomfortable publicly posting anything on a searchable platform. John’s course can help solve the referral challenge.

Signup soon to impact your career and support our friends in finding new jobs!

Also, I want to share news from PMI Global HQ about an exciting new free online course for PMP candidates to help learn and bridge the knowledge gap between the current and new versions of the PMP Exam. PMI will offer free training aimed at teaching concepts related to Agile and hybrid approaches of project management. The free self-paced course will be offered online from January 22, to April 18, 2021. Learn more here.

We all say knowledge is power. Now the power is on you. Please share it with friends and colleagues.

Finally, I want to say Happy New Year again! PMI Dallas will continue to host virtual meetings through July. Thank you for being part of this community and let us know how to support you!

Feel free to contact me directly through email or LinkedIn if you have any questions about the Chapter.

All the best!

Mei Lin
President, PMI Dallas Chapter