A Word From Our President

September 5, 2020

One of the big tasks I have had in front of me recently is reading close to 700 comments from the 2019 Chapter Member Satisfaction Survey. On behalf of the Board, thank you to everyone who took time out of their busy lives to provide their views and feedback to the Chapter.

One particular comment was quite personalized and surprising upon the first read: “Chapter president is a neophyte and doesn't handle her position well. Going downhill fast. She is too young without experience.”

Wow! Tough stuff indeed. Fortunately, I find this type of opinion to be very useful and constructive for growth. I take it in stride and hope the member who submitted the comment is committed to our success together. During these times of fear, uncertainty, and doubt in the world, we need to stick together as a Chapter and I am committed to our mutual success.

I also learned a new word through the experience: neophyte. With Chinese being my native language, I enjoy the opportunity to learn words such as this because English is such a dynamic and complex language. During Law School back in Taiwan, I never learned a word as unique and wonderful as this. Thank you! I am more determined than ever to serve and support the needs of this great Chapter of over 4500 members.

PMI Dallas received 81% positive feedback with many responding as promoters stating that they would recommend the Chapter to others. Of course, we also received lots of constructive feedback that we take very seriously and we will post the responses of 84 improvements carefully reviewed by each Board Member. Let’s cover some key insights while we continue to review and be inspired by the feedback.

  • 41 % of respondents are from Dallas, and 12% from Plano.
  • 58% of respondents initially joined the Chapter to connect with Project Management Professionals, 16% for the PMP, and 15% for additional learning opportunities.

Connect 58%
Exam 16%
Learning 15%
Career 9%
Mentoring 2%
  • 51% of respondents renew their membership to connect with others.

Connect 51%
Learning 21%
Career 9%
Volunteering 9%
Programing 6%
Exam 3%
Location 1%


Highlights of the past eight months:

  • 38 events were conducted between January and August 2020
  • 25 of those events are free as a member benefit and the Board transitioned to virtual formats to continue providing the highest quality opportunities for members and guests to interact with each other.
  • 6 out of 7 Dinner meetings offered at least one recruiter to serve our members with employment opportunities.
  • 5 out of 7 Dinner meetings offered networking tips for attendees.
  • 5 major Agile workshops and training were provided at no cost or significantly reduced cost for members.
  • 8 Dinner meetings scheduled with highly respected, leading speakers and thought leaders presenting their knowledge on diverse topics:
    • (Upcoming in September) The Work of Leadership: The Three Questions You Should Be Asking Yourself Right Now with Thomas Rajan from American Airlines (register here)
    • Project Management from Board of Director Perspective with Michael Fung
    • 7-Eleven’s Award-Winning PMO with Todd Samuels
    • Executive Presence – Key to Getting Promoted with Valerie Pelan
    • Creating High-Performance Project Teams through Emotional Intelligence by Dr. Rizwan Sheikh
    • A Study in the Leadership Required to Create Organizational Change by Dr. Lawrence Price
    • Disciplined Agile panel discussion
    • 20/20 Focus on Mental Health for Project Leadership with Sherry James
  • A special keynote session with the co-founder of Disciplined Agile, Scott Ambler.

Finally, we had a great partnership with the NAACP of Collin County and the Collin Country Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals to donate personal protection equipment to schools and frontline workers. Thanks again!

Members and friends, words have power. Thank you to everyone for the positive and constructive responses. Join us and get involved! Let’s be the change you want to see in the Chapter to create goals and programs for growing Project Management Professionals throughout DFW.

And Members, soon you will receive information from PMI regarding our annual Board Elections. This is your opportunity to select our future Chapter Leaders.

Feel free to contact me directly through email or LinkedIn if you have any questions about the Chapter.

All the best!

Mei Lin
President, PMI Dallas Chapter