Local Training Opportunity Submission Form (form)

Training vendors who wish to provide PMI Dallas Chapter members with notice of project management professional development opportunities may do so by submitting the following form. By submitting professional development opportunity information via the PMI Dallas Chapter Web site, training vendors agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • The PMI Dallas Chapter Web site and newsletter are produced by member volunteers, who have complete and total discretion over the content of same according to guidelines set by the PMI Dallas Chapter Board of Directors.

  • All information submitted must be true and accurate at the time of submission. Changes that occur after submission or errors identified in publication should be immediately reported to the VP of Communications. Training vendors who make repeated errors or changes to class information that result in frequent miscommunication to PMI Dallas Chapter members may, at the discretion of the VP of Communications, be suspended from submitting new professional development opportunities.

  • Submissions may be made for professional development opportunities up to 90 days in advance. Submissions made for professional development opportunities more than 90 days in advance may be deleted without prior notice to training vendor.

  • The data elements listed below are the only data elements accepted for publication. Although a comments field is provided, NO NARRATIVE INFORMATION will be published to PMI Dallas Chapter Members. We highly suggest providing a URL as your contact information so that our members can read the full details of your offering at your site rather than ours.

  • This information is provided solely as an informational service to PMI Dallas Chapter Members, and is not intended to be an all-inclusive list. PMI Dallas Chapter is not responsible for accidental omission of any particular offering or vendor information.

Note: required fields have an asterisk (*).