Ambassador Programs with Brad Denney

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Brad Denney was nominated to be interviewed by Andrea Carter regarding his experience as a corporate ambassador with the PMI Dallas Chapter.

1. Briefly describe how the PMI Dallas chapter has provided you the benefit to be able to be an ambassador for your company.

The ambassador program (known in the past as Registered Company Coordinator (RCC)) has provided many benefits over the years for several DFW area companies. As a team, the Ambassadors and oftentimes Dallas Chapter leadership would come together once a quarter and share information.

Together we would learn about new and ongoing efforts of the chapter which included upcoming events, chapter status, previous and current wins and ideas for the future of the chapter. We would also enjoy a couple of presentations from ambassadors representing their companies and projects and/or processes in which they are/were involved. Their presentations focused primarily on project management skills and tools they used to be successful.

We would also discuss challenges, how challenges were overcome and even seek help or advice from other ambassadors to assist with problem resolutions or other needs. All of this information would then be brought back to their individual companies and disseminated as appropriate (through word of mouth, project websites, quotes, program/project information distributed via email, breakroom fliers, PMO’s, etc.). It has been and continues to be a great group of persons to be involved with!

2. What are two of the key reasons why you continue serving as an ambassador?

The fellowship with PMI Dallas Chapter colleagues and the continuous learning opportunities (how are others “doing it”)

3. What would be the benefit for PMI Dallas chapter members of other companies to become involved? (i.e.: networking opportunities, learning experiences, leadership, etc.).

Truly all of the above! Networking with others in a similar capacity working for a vast number of companies, learning from their experiences, gaining knowledge in ways to help my company progress project/program management through tools, processes and real life experiences and of course continuously develop leadership skills.

Would you like to join in the discussions? How you overcame challenges and business needs? Be recognized among project managers within your organization and in the PMI Chapter! Click here to learn more and contact Kathy Bailee, Director, Ambassador Programs, to participate in valuable networking and collaboration.

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