Agile is not some scary and complex process that only software engineers can do.

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The PMI Dallas Chapter recently teamed with Process Mentor’s Joshua Barnes to provide a deeply discounted Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master (DALSM) course. The course offered hands on exercises, one free attempt at DALSM Certification and one free year membership in Disciplined Agile.
Some of the members offered comments after the class, including William (RED) Davidson, Grettel Molina and Jeremy Ponce.

Q: What did you enjoy about the class?

RED: The "Create your WoW (Way of Working)" exercise was engaging.
Grettel: I enjoyed that the DALSM is more than a class, it has a workshop section where you get to put into practice all the concepts acquired through the weekend. You get to see how different teams find distinct solutions to the same problem using the toolkit which is a real-life example of what happens at the workplace.
Jeremy: I actually enjoyed the virtual format of the class very much. Process Mentors and Joshua Barnes did a terrific job at creating a collaborative environment where we could still work as a team even though it was not in person.

Q: What is one thing you learned in class?

RED: In the WoW exercise, the notion that you should only incorporate those practices that are "most impactful" was enlightening.
So, you don't have to select an item from each "decision point.” Nor are you limited to the options listed. Maybe there is a practice/technique not listed you'd like to use. DA is open to that.
Grettel: Disciplined Agile can be the answer for a lot of companies that are struggling in this fast-paced changing world. The tool kit supports a wide variety of contexts and industries in a flexible way providing options (Choice is Good) and supporting all types of teams.
Jeremy: Agile is not some scary and complex process that only software engineers can do. Disciplined Agile is a straightforward process that can help people and teams in any organization.

Q: Do you plan to obtain the Disciplined Agile Lean Scrum Master (DALSM) certification?

RED: As one of the PMI Dallas Chapter's DA Champions, I already have the Practitioner (CDAP) credential.
Grettel: I plan on working on my CDA certification test.
Jeremy: Yes, absolutely!

Q: What do you hope to gain from the certification?

Grettel: The certification will initially prove the knowledge obtained during the class. I hope that it will allow me to manage agile projects, be a better team member and a more valuable and versatile employee for my company. I think that the use of Disciplined Agile will expand within the next few years.
Jeremy: I hope to gain a better knowledge of how to apply agile in a non-traditional agile environment. I plan to use the DA life cycles available to demonstrate to my organization that waterfall is not the only way to manage projects effectively.

Q: Anything else?

Grettel: PMI Dallas chapter has made a remarkable effort providing their members with opportunities to grow professionally through certifications and classes that are highly recognized. The prices offered to chapter members are substantially lower than the regular prices. I am sure that it took negotiation and lots of work on the chapter’s side. [Editor’s note: Yes, it did! We are so happy you were able to take advantage of the great opportunity!]
Jeremy: I participated in the class with a great group of people. Various industries were represented, and it was exciting to learn about how many companies are adopting an agile way of working.

Congratulations to RED, Grettel, Jeremy and all the class participants!

Writer: Susan Kennedy

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