PMI Dallas Chapter Awards 2020 FAQs

Announcing the PMI Dallas Chapter Awards 2020!

There are so many innovative, creative, and fascinating projects our members are involved with, that we want to recognize these and highlight their accomplishments. We plan to honor some of the best individuals and project organizations in the Dallas area.  

Award Categories

  1. Project Manager of the Year.
  2. Project of the Year.
  3. PMO of the Year.
  4. Company of the Year.


  • Any member of the PMI Dallas Chapter is eligible to submit a nomination.
  • Nomination Forms are available for download: For Project (click here) , for Project Manager (click here) , for PMO (click here) and for Company (click here). Submit the completed nomination forms to [email protected]. Read on for more frequently asked questions.


Important Dates to remember

  • Now until November 13, 2020: Award Nominations Open (submit to [email protected] )
  • November 30, 2020: Top 3 winners in each category to be notified.
  • December 10, 2020: Winners featured at the Virtual Dinner Meeting.

Why should you submit nomination?

  • First 5 nominees receive free admission to December 2020 Dinner Meeting.
  • Recognition within your company for project excellence.
  • All nominees entered in a Raffle draw for special prizes*.

For Awards Winners:

  • Winning company/ PMO/ Project/Project Manager to receive 1 package of free admissions to selected** PMI Dallas Chapter events for the year 2021. You are free to distribute to your team as you please.
  • Catered lunch for up to 8 members of your project team.
  • Plaque for finalists and winners.
  • Recognition through PMI Dallas project management community website, newsletter and social media.


Frequently Asked Questions for PMI Dallas Chapter Awards Program.

  1. Who is qualified to submit a nomination for an award?
    Any member of the PMI Dallas Chapter may submit a nomination for award.
    A Member may nominate themselves or someone else.  Those nominated for an award are not required to be located in the Dallas area.
  1. Must the projects be completed in Dallas?
    The Awards are designed to recognize PMI Dallas Chapter Members and their projects. The PMI Dallas Chapter recognizes that many projects are global in scope or resources.  We require that a PMI Dallas Chapter member submit the nomination, and some part of the project should be based in the greater Dallas area, but the entire project is not required to be physically completed in Dallas area.

  2. Must the project be finished in order to be nominated?
    Partially completed or in process projects will be accepted. Projects that have been active or in process (any phase) during the time period of Oct. 1, 2019 through Sept. 30, 2020 are eligible for 2020 nominations.
    Note that one of the scoring criteria is an assessment of the project’s results or benefits.  Although a project need not be complete, it should have progressed enough to be able to demonstrate some results or benefits.  These can include customer, business or process benefits.

  3. For the Individual nominations, what are the requirements for nomination?
    The individual nominated is not required to be a current member of the PMI Dallas Chapter (only the person submitting the nomination must be a member). They must have been actively engaged as a project manager at some point during the time frame of Oct. 1, 2019 and Sept. 30, 2020. They are not required to have been a project manager for the entire year. At least some part of their project must have been based in the greater Dallas area.

  4. For the Corporate Project Excellence awards, what are the requirements for nomination?
    At least one employee of the nominated project/company/organization must be a current member of the PMI Dallas Chapter.
    This award is to recognize efforts that have actively promoted excellence in project management, either internally or externally. 

    Categories could include:
    1. Excellence in project management processes or practices.
    2. Continuous improvement in projects or project management processes.
    3. Corporate dedication to support, training or mentoring of project managers
    4. Active promotion of project management as a career.
    5. Participation or sponsoring of events that promote project management.
    6. Other contributions or activities that improve project management or contribute to the project management profession.

  5. How will the winners be selected?
    A volunteer awards committee within the PMI Dallas Chapter will evaluate and score nominations based on the criteria on the nomination forms. Individual submissions will be scrubbed of personal identifying information so the reviewing committee may evaluate based on content and quality. Once all nominations have been scored, the top three in each category will be notified of their selection as a top candidate. The winners of each category will be announced at the December PMI Dallas Chapter dinner meeting.
  1. As top award winner, what all PMI events in the year 2020, I will be eligible to receive free admission?

Free admissions package for the top award winners include 10 Dinner meetings, 6 Breakfasts, 6 Workshops, 1 Toastmasters meeting, plus all free events hosted by the chapter including Vendor Showcase, Meet-ups, Lunch and Learns and Social Hours.

  1. What are the deadlines?
    Submission acceptance start: Now

Nomination submissions due: November 13, 2020.
Top three selected and notified in each category:  November 30, 2020.
Awards presentation:  December 10, 2020.

  1. Who do I contact for more information?
    Julio Ruiz Rodriguez, Vice President of Applied Project Management, [email protected]

*Nominees need to be present at the dinner meeting to receive the award.

**Exceptions apply. Package includes 10 Dinner meetings, 6 Breakfasts, 6 Workshops, 1 Toastmasters meeting, plus all free events hosted by the chapter including Vendor Showcase, Meet-ups, Lunch and Learns, and Social Hours.