PMI Dallas Chapter Award Winners 2019

This year PMI Dallas Chapter recognizes the best professionals as Project of the Year, Project Manager of the Year, Company of the Year, PMO of the Year and, Volunteer of the Year. These best professionals add value and excellence to our community. We announced the following winners and finalists in each category at the 2019 PMI Dallas Gala Diner on December 12th.

PMO of the Year

7-Eleven: Strategic Initiatives Office


7-Eleven is undergoing a cultural transformation with a focus on Digital, Fresh Food and, Proprietary Beverages. Its Projects are large, complex, strategic initiatives, multi-year and, cross-functional. The PMO manages these enterprise projects, provides governance and consulting. That’s why, the PMO has positioned itself as a catalyst for transformation, promoting Agile principles, project and program management. Also, the PMO provides Agile training to the entire company through PMPs and Scrum Masters. “7-Eleven’s PMO has changed the way initiatives are executed … and armed the organization to support its cultural transformation.”


City of Plano:

PMO ensures the systems the City purchases or implements excellent services in a cost-effective manner. "When the PMO was formed, most departments were not familiar with the value or idea...the PMO moved swiftly to provide leadership, communications, risk analysis and collaboration, one project at a time, proving value at each step.”


“Experian is on the cutting edge of Corporate PMO delivery models.” Examples: Flexible Framework delivery model, Scrum Master, Agile Mindset, Product Owner training and, Agile Transformation services. Another features of Experian PMO are: Sr. leadership actively supports PMO on strategic initiatives, Global PM Governance Framework aligned with corporate policy; Project, program and Agile delivery practices are globally shared, Corporate PMO leads strategic initiatives, Staff is professional, resourceful & easy to work with PMO offers mentoring, coaching and consulting and, Creation and global roll-out of Agile Mindset workshop to 200 team members enabled people to apply agile thinking to current challenges.



Project of the Year

"Boost Project", Experian


The main goal of this project was to give to consumers the opportunity to impact their credit score by allowing self-reporting of utility and telecom. Historically credit reports were blind to this information. The target audience was around 100 million consumers involving 300 employees contributed; 400 across 30 locations participated in UAT. Consumer benefits:

  • Total FICO (“credit”) points instantly increased: 11+ million.
  • FICO Scores increased for 2 out of 3 people.
  • 13% moved up a credit tier.
  • 90% of "thin" file consumers see an instant FICO Score* increase.

“This project was one of a kind as it’s the first where the most senior execs met weekly to discuss and solve challenges.”


"Goodnight Lane Project"

City of Dallas. Department of Public Works.

The project solves congestion, provides easy access to I-35 and I-635, and provides new utilities and water improvements, upgrades storm drainage, and creates new lighting for vehicles and pedestrians. “This project creates and connects neighborhoods. It provides economic development for residents, business owners, schools, fire, police, council member, Chamber of Commerce, taxpayers, interest groups, developers, and traffic users.”

"Project People, Processes, Business Environment"


The scope of this project includes mid PMBOK Guide release update including 600-page manual, placemats, exam app, audio & video, quick reference guides, classroom & virtual live courses, PMI chapter & university updates. Added over 120 videos & templates. “We applied components from agile, portfolio and program management to the PM approach used here ….” The project included 150 new products/updates, completed while working with less than half of the resources used previously. Besides, David regularly conducts “lunch and learn” sessions within NCH’s IT department where project management concepts and best practices are presented.


Project Manager of the Year

Liong So, Senior Project Manager at City of Dallas.


Liong is responsible for all aspects of her projects, from initiation, design, and construction through closeout Success requires proficiency in technical, legal and political arenas
In Public Works, Liong must understand the requirements of elected officials and the general public working with multiple agencies, monitoring progress and taking quick action to deal with issues such as environmental permitting, utilities relocation and, right of way permissions Liong has strong negotiation skills and is an influential team builder who motivates and inspires others.


Jerry Glasscock:

He was Nominated for mentoring skills and patiently mentors people through the basics of PM. Jerry also coached people to achieve PMP certification while working as a program manager. By taking the time to help others Jerry Glasscock strengthened the PMI Dallas Chapter, and helped to professionalize project management within Citigroup Inc.”

Tony Johnson:

Selected by PMI from almost 500 applicants, Tony is a Core team member involved in developing of PMBOK Guide Seventh Edition (expected delivery in 2020). Tony’s work has contributed to the certification of over 110,000 PMPs and he created a scrum pilot program and provided FREE scrum training for 150+ people.  Authored 42 books and 100 learning products for PMI certification “Tony rallies the troops, organizes the team and attacks…Tony’s leadership drives a team to produce results faster, more economical and better….”

Mei Lin:

Mei works with multiple highly engaged teams and provides effective communication city-wide (Plano) for stakeholders. The City-wide computer refresh ($1.3M) is currently under budget, in scope and 100% on time. This is achieved through intensive risk analysis, focus on Collaboration and, quality monitoring throughout the project life cycle. Results: 95% satisfaction for deployment, 93% knew what to do for this project and, 96% think the training was useful. “While there are many amazing leaders and individuals in DFW, Mei’s cheerful spirit, kind energy and desire to serve sets her apart. She gives her time and energy to this profession and does her best to lift others spiritually and professionally.”


Company of the Year



Experian has created a new Global PM Governance Flexible Framework which is methodology agnostic, giving PMs the ability to lead projects with more agility and funds PM and Agile training, scrum master and product owner certification courses and actively promotes PM development including tuition reimbursement programs.  Experian offers a new PM onboarding curriculum, including online playlists available 24/7 on whatever device the employee chooses. The PMO extends that training to any Experian employee interested in project management, actively supports PM and Agile practices, and is currently piloting an internally created Agile Transformation consultancy and encourages project managers to grow and innovate, rewarding and recognizing employees for innovative ideas.


Crosswind Learning:

Crosswind has helped create over 110,000 of the almost 1M PMP’s globally. Also, it has helped over 450 wounded warriors and returning soldiers transition back into the civilian workforce and strives to bring PM best practice focus to reality and help people apply PM skills to their workplace and life. Crosswind goes beyond training, to help people completing PMI exam applications, review resumes and provide PM mentoring and PMI chapters and non-profits (including Toastmasters) with discounted or free products and training facilities.


Volunteer of the Year

Susan Kennedy. 



Every event, every program, everything happens because someone raised their hand and said, “I can help.” The PMI Dallas Chapter sincerely appreciates ALL our volunteers:

  • Mike Glatz.
  • Dilip Gupta.
  • Elaine Lee.
  • Tracy McBroom.
  • Ramiro Ortiz.
  • Ed Raibick.
  • Julio Ruiz.
  • Lisa Sun.
  • Morris Vincent.
  • Patrice Warren.