A Word From Our President, March 2020

March 5, 2020

I recently read an interesting article in Business Insider about hiring that highlighted Warren Buffett’s passion for only hiring people with high integrity. What an amazing concept!

Integrity is defined as the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles. Think about a person in your life that you respect and admire. Do they have high integrity? What are the important behaviors they exhibit that help you feel that way?

As project managers, we have a duty to act with a integrity to help our teams collaborate, communicate, and deliver products that delight our stakeholders. When facing resistance to project goals or strategy, or difficult risk and resource situations, acting with integrity is often the crucial behavior that keeps everyone moving forward.

Here are my humble suggestions for fostering a culture of integrity in your projects and the workplace.

  • Create a safe environment for trust and inspiration that enables your project teams to communicate honestly and openly.
  • Demonstrate integrity by keeping your word and commitments. Acknowledge similar behavior in others and reset quickly if you ever break any commitments with your team.
  • Accept imperfection in yourself and others. It takes great courage for people to admit their mistakes. Be kind to those who show integrity by admitting their mistakes.
  • Encourage others and show appreciation for their commitment to integrity.

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Sincerely, Mei Lin, PMP
PMI Dallas President.