A Word From Our President, June 2020

June 4, 2020

As an immigrant from Taiwan, I have met many kind, respectful, and wonderful people in this amazing country. While Collin County where I live has one of the largest Asian-American populations in all of Texas, and is an extremely diverse and rewarding place to live, I had an encounter with a stranger during the beginning of the Corona Virus outbreak.

While out running errands, wearing a facial covering to protect myself and those around me, I was called out and felt threatened. Until that day, I had never experienced any direct racism or felt a true sensation of fear in the way I did that day. It was painful and a powerful symbol of the road ahead in America.

My heart goes out to the Floyd family as well as those in the African American and minority communities that face discrimination and bigotry on a frequent basis. Solidarity with the Floyd family and peaceful demonstrations should not be allowed to be disrupted by those with an agenda other than peace, inclusiveness, and a demand for change. Our society desperately needs increased unity to face the immense challenges ahead in the fast-growing United States of America.

Now many know me as the “miss know-it-all champion,” and I love my role in service to you and your careers. I have an opinion on everything, but here I just don’t. Full stop.

First, let us admit that we are all different, unique, and yet alike all the same. Amazing! We must modify our beliefs and behaviors, casting aside prejudices, even against those within our own tribes and communities to make America a better, and safe, place for everyone.

  • Do what you can during these tough economic times and join me to contribute to the causes you believe will make a difference in people’s lives and communities. 
  • Welcome with open arms the diversity that surrounds us and try to understand differences and the unique value we all bring to life regardless of skin color, ethnicity, or culture.
  • Live a rich and purpose-filled life of respect and dignity for others
  • Appreciate diversity being a strength and vital to the future of America


I hope you find power and peace in those words. Let’s be powerful together. Thank you for the opportunity to serve you along with over 140 volunteers at PMI Dallas. We are working to bring change in your life and career with opportunities to grow skills, build relationships, and apply experiences to build a sustainable career to support you and your loved ones.

Agile leadership, for example, is the one most trending skills a project manager should obtain. PMI’s Disciplined Agile, to be specific, is a vital toolkit that empowers teams to define their Way of Working and “Choose Your WoW” by incorporating practices and techniques from many PM disciplines to create value and successful delivery.

Are you familiar with DA? Check out these resources:

In the meanwhile, I would like to recognize our Programs, Applied Project Management, and Communications teams for producing and posting the May Dinner and Breakfast Meeting replays on our YouTube channel. Enjoy at any time that is convenient for your schedule


Finally, most of us have been adapting to working from home with family and children present at all times. Are you excited for a return to the office or ready to make your next career move? I recommend attending the Chapter’s events, update your resume and LinkedIn Profile, and be positive every day during the process of job seeking.

If you know of companies that are hiring and want to share positions, please feel free to email [email protected] and CC me. We are all in this together.  

Companies that are hiring are encouraged to connect with us and tap into the finest project managers in DFW.

All the best,

Mei Lin
President, PMI Dallas