Thank You To Our Volunteers

A SPECIAL SHOUT to all PMI Dallas volunteers! We couldn't be more grateful for your commitment and support!

Mei Linn, President

"Volunteers are like stars. They are not always visible, but they are always there shining into our lives.

Serving as the President alongside a team of ten talented Board Members at PMI Dallas is an amazing experience and continual journey. Through our collective strengths, perspectives, and leadership styles, we come together and connect to make the chapter a better place for our members.

On behalf of the Board, I want to thank the following volunteers for outstanding volunteerism.
Grace Arianoutsos, Assistant to President
Bob Beideck, Data Scientist
Ed Burt, Assistant to President
Doug Larson, AVP Technology
Brandy Patton, Executive Director
Mohun Sundar, Assistant to President

With your support, the Chapter is a better place than we found it every day."

Tony Johnson, VP of Marketing

"With marketing the PMI Dallas chapter and the community impact, it is part of our responsibility as volunteers to help let the community know about how the chapter can help practitioners and members grow their project management skills, network with others, and be the voice of project management at their companies.
PMI Dallas marketing has volunteers various areas including corporate sponsorship, corporate ambassador program, as well as the newly launched Brand and Land program. The various initiatives help bring together our members, corporations, partners, and people new to the profession in a wining situation for everyone."

Jeremy Ponce, VP Membership

"April is National Volunteer Month – I want to take the opportunity to recognize the PMI Dallas Chapter Membership Team for the contributions they have made for the Chapter. Morris Vincent (VP of Registration), Renee Doucette (Director Membership Engagement), Kannan Iyer (Director Membership Outreach), and Cerissa Frazier (Director of Volunteers) selflessly contribute their time to ensure that members get maximum benefit out of their membership. This inspiring group of volunteers is dedicated to supporting members through major milestones, celebrations, and hardships.

Benefits of PMI Dallas chapter membership includes:

  • PMI Dallas Chapter meetings, breakfast meetings, and networking with professionals across DFW
  • Access to PMI Dallas Chapter Toastmaster’s Club, social hours, and Think-tank
  • Free PDUs – PMI has a vast collection of free webinars"


Natalia Fisher, VP Communications

"April is a great time of the year when we can express our gratitude and appreciation to all our PMI Dallas Chapter volunteers. All our successful chapter’s events, campaigns and programs happen because of you! We could not do it without you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time, dedication, commitment, and passion. I am thankful for everything you have done for our community."

Ariane Stone, VP Professional Development

"To our Professional Development volunteers, THANK YOU for your help and making a difference by supporting the Book Review, PMThinkTank, Mentoring, Military Outreach, Symposium and several other ad hoc events. You have brought your advice, experience, friendship, inspiration, skills, time and so much more to these programs….I am constantly amazed at everything you do! As per Albert Pike:“What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal.”

Valorie Hanes, VP Operations

"As Vice President of Operations for PMI Dallas, I work with an amazing team of people. I appreciate their dedication to the chapter and their willingness to go the extra mile to serve each other and our members. Volunteering is a privilege and a blessing and I cannot count the rewards! A favorite quote is from James Cash Penney: Honor bespeaks worth. Confidence begets trust. Service brings satisfaction. Cooperation proves the quality of leadership."

William RED Davidson, VP Education

"Where would we be without volunteers? Simply stated, the chapter would not exist. Volunteers make "it" happen... from the Chapter President, to the study group, the library, the folks to setup the dinner meetings (I sort of remember those). In Education, thank you to those who ran the PMP Study Group (James, Deirdre, Deanna, Frances, Jason, John, Kathy, Peggy and Remo), supported the library (Penni, Tom and Ruthiann) and to Jeff who co-teaches the Agile 101/Agile and Scrum Fundamentals workshops with me."