2020 PMI Dallas Awards recipients

PMI Dallas Chapter is proud to recognize people, projects, and organizations that are aware of adding value and excellence to our community through project management. For 2020, the Chapter recognized the Achievement of Excellence in Project Management award in the 2020 December Virtual Dinner on December 10th. Our categories for this recognition are Project Managers, Projects, and Community.

Project Managers

John Signo / Bank of America

John Signo was chosen for his excellent performance as project manager for the project Brand-and-Land, which helps project managers Brand and Land their next opportunity. This type of career assistance is always helpful, but it is crucial during a pandemic that has produced high unemployment levels. As Maslow states, the Chapter needs its members to satisfy the basic needs to look for professional fulfillment at higher levels. John has demonstrated and shared his personal branding expertise, working effectively in today’s job market, and networking through approximately 20 sessions, creating accountability/groups teams that executed their individual plans and supported each other. 

Anthony Johnson / Crosswind

Tony Founded a Texas-based non-profit (Project Management Training Alliance) with an international board to formally recognize and support the global project manager training community. To date, there are members from 9 countries in 6 months since the website launch. This included merging with two other communities in the USA and South America, representing over 100 training organizations. Tony also led the creation of the Certified Training Provider (CTP) organizational credential with PMTA. He is the author of 43 technical project management books, and he has contributed to the certification of over 125,000 PMPs. 

Larry Johnson / NTT Data Services

Larry is one of the past-president of the PMI Dallas Chapter. Under Larry’s leadership, the PMI Dallas Chapter increased membership and expanded programs for members. As just one example, while he was President, the chapter held the extremely popular Vendor Showcase every year and drew crowds of over 400 each year. Larry truly exemplifies excellence in project management. He’s an excellent communicator and listener, an incredibly supportive mentor and team player, he’s strategically focused, and he puts the good of the organization before himself every time.


Best use of a COVID-19 Layoff / The Tyler Loop

This project used statistical expertise inspired by Earned Value Management to collect and transform raw data from official sources in unhelpful formats into information in understandable and useful formats.  Also, it provided the general community with the first local study of the impact of COVID-19 on the City of Tyler and Smith County, Texas. It demonstrated that there were significant and concrete impacts such as significantly higher mortality. It strongly encouraged social distancing and mask-wearing. Additionally, the project used local mortality data from the City of Tyler to demonstrate that there had been 184 local deaths (Z=3.4) and that the case count was likely about 4 times higher than documented. It also examined three local schools and demonstrated that while all had similar policies, actual implementation varied significantly and led to COVID-19 positive rates nine times greater in some schools than others.

LUAM / Bank of America

LUAM was a global tactical project involving team members from various Line of Business groups: 142 Team Members in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and North America. The project focused on replacing an aging cybersecurity system by utilizing several in-house and custom-modified off-the-shelf enterprise tools. The impact reduced inherent Risk to acceptable risk while also reducing Residual Risk and increased the overall security posture of the Enterprise. The project was originally started using Waterfall but eventually morphed into a hybrid format. LUAM is a model project. It followed both Waterfall and Agile practices to ensure transparency at all stages, working within Senior Leadership guidelines and expectations, and followed strict PMO project governance rules and regulations.

Mask's Initiative / Collin County Black Young Professionals

The mission of BYP is to provide young professionals with educational guidance and networking opportunities that develop the skills and knowledge needed to reach personal and professional objectives that contribute to their success. They created the mask’s initiative to support the reopening of schools during the Covid-19. All the BYP leaders helped (6 individuals) in partnership with the Dallas PMI chapter team (I think 5 people). A total of 11 people volunteered and participated in this initiative. BYP was able to donate 5,000 masks to local schools, primarily in Collin County and in the DFW area. The schools involved in this initiative are Renner Middle School, Huffman Elementary, JW Williams Middle School, and Greenville Travis Sixth Grade Center.

Special recognitions.

PMI Dallas Virtual Career Workshop. 

This project was an event that was geared towards helping members prepare for career changes. In particular, the chapter has been concerned about offering something to help those affected by job reductions during this year. This session targeted that audience and provided something of benefit to help and encourage. In spite of obstacles (COVID-19) and changes, the project was completed on time, on budget, fulfilling the original goals and objectives.   The team worked well together, collaborating and brainstorming whenever we encountered new challenges.  People were quick to volunteer to help get things done, and the team worked really well together. Since the organization had never done a virtual Career Workshop before and had not done any Career Workshop for several years, the team basically re-invented the concept.  Now there is collateral, marketing, promotional materials, and a process to pass on to the next project. Feedback from attendees was highly positive, with 77% giving it the highest positive rating and 23% giving it the next highest rating. There were NO negative ratings of the event. Overall it was a success from the customer’s perspective, the team members, and the organizational goals it supported.

Crosswind Project Management Inc. (DBA Crosswind Learning)

Because of the pandemic, Crosswind had to be very efficient with its resources and capital. Going from being in the office to virtual literally overnight created its own challenges to work through. Project management is what allowed that to occur. Crosswind applied components from agile, portfolio, and program management to the PM approach to make a platform and learning assets that are the easiest to date for practitioners to learn from and apply in the workplace and life.  This project outcome allows practitioners to learn at their own pace, format, and frequency, as nothing Crosswind has done before. Organizations can manage their own students, partners can stay on top of progress with their students or register them directly. Timely, efficient results when it’s time to learn and professional development outcome as a result.  This was the most radical shift Crosswind had in 20+ years. This resulted in the foundation that will create and enhance revenue, partnerships, and stakeholder value. This is a totally new framework to make and deliver products, services, and content. This was also done during the pandemic, which had caused us to have over 50% on the Crosswind revenue reduction.